Wallets carry no implied or explicit guarantee of functionality or safety and are to be used at your own risk.  All GreenCoin resources are open-source software and free.



The Windows QT 32-bit wallet download is available here             

Mac OS X

Our Mac QT wallet supports OS versions 10.6 through 10.12                                    

Source Code / Github

The free, open-source GreenCoin blockchain software protocol is available on github

Bootstrap File Download (through block# 368,436)

You can download this file and add it to your GreenCoin folder (Windows Only). This significantly decreases the amount of time necessary to sync the wallet. Extract into:

<your computer name>/AppData/Roaming/GreenCoinV2/

To verify the checksum before using the file: Linux and Mac how-to, Windows how-to

checksum (SHA256): de80434638cc89a2afab369c4a686f8c9722ca382f7dde096df45588ff2e0ae4