Wallets serve as an interface to transact (spend and receive) GreenCoins directly. Other third party tools, websites, and services may exist, however, this is the only way to interact directly with the GreenCoin blockchain software protocol that is officially supported by the GreenCoin Foundation. Wallets carry no implied or explicit guarantee of functionality or safety and are to be used at your own risk.  

It's Free! All services provided by the GreenCoin Foundation, including wallets and source code, are provided to the general public at no charge.



The Windows QT 32-bit wallet download is available here             

Mac OS X

Our Mac QT wallet supports OS versions 10.6 through 10.12                                    

Source Code / Github

The free, open-source GreenCoin blockchain software protocol is available on github

Bootstrap File Download (through block# 368,436)

You can download this file and add it to your GreenCoin folder. This significantly decreases the amount of time necessary to sync the wallet.

Please verify the checksum before using the file: Linux and Mac how-to, Windows how-to

checksum (SHA256): de80434638cc89a2afab369c4a686f8c9722ca382f7dde096df45588ff2e0ae4

External Resources

External Resources

Disclaimer: The GreenCoin Foundation is not responsible for the legitimacy, operation and safety of third party resources, and you must use them at your own risk.


  • trade Bitcoin for GreenCoin, and vice-versa
  • utilize a third-party GreenCoin wallet address (eliminates need for downloading a wallet client)

Block Explorer:

A Block Explorer allows users to interrogate all transactions that have occurred on the GreenCoin network