GreenCoin is an open-source clone of BlackCoin with a key award modification. Half of the staking award goes to a single, known address listed below. 

address: GeJw1g1rgTax56otxkFFsETMvzWFZHETAX
private key: Rf2B5f8qJAkVGTcziqxZ6rpyfbmgehXvx7NNiin3HRmx6Gzu5HxB

The codebase is here:

100% Proof of Stake with 4000 coins/block staking
2000 coins generated to the staking address, 2000 generated to a single address (see above)
Fees are also split 50/50
About 2.7B GreenCoins are in circulation as of Jan 20, 2017
No total coin cap. About ~1B new coins created per year.
Pay-as-you-go Character Transaction Messaging (via "opreturn" method)
RPC PORT = 17515
P2P PORT = 11517